VS 8: Light Emitting Scrolling Credits


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VS 8: Light Emitting Scrolling Credits

Post by Administrator » Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:18 am

Light emitting scrolling credits
by Thanasis Siozos

This tutorial can also be applied to VideoStudio 9 with minor (if any) changes.
Purpose of this tutorial is to help you create a light emitting effect on your scrolling credits. The results of this tutorial will look like the following picture. Notice that the light looks three dimensional:


First create your scrolling credits as usual:

1. Create a new project (File/New Project)

2. Select the title layer by clicking the Title track on the timeline: Image

3. Double click in the video area and type your title. For best results use different colors for the stuff names and their roles. Be creative!

4. When you're ready render the video in a Quicktime file: Click the \"Share\" button, click \"Create Video File\" then select Custom.

5. In the Create Video dialog select \"QuickTime Movie Files\" from the file type drop down box:

6. Type \"titlebackdrop.mov\" in the file name.

7. Select the \"Options...\" button to open the \"Video Save Options\" dialog.

8. Leave all the tabs as is except the \"Compression\" tab. In this tab select Compression: Animation and Quality: 100%. This way your rendered video will have perfect quality. It will have a large size on disk but since we're talking a title sequence here this doesn't matter much. These settings will get you a video of about 1Mb per second with excellent quality.

9. In the Ulead VideoStudio tab of the same dialog the settings should be the same as the rest of your video.

10. Press OK and again OK to render the scrolling credits in the file \"titlebackdrop.mov\".

11. After the rendering is complete, look in your Video library. The rendered video is added there.

12. Drag and drop the rendered video in the video track. The title track should still contain the original title.

13. Now the fun begins. Select the \"filter\" tab and add a \"Zoom Motion\" filter from the filter library to the \"titlebackdrop.mov\" video. Click the \"Customize Filter\" button.

14. Select \"Camera\" in the \"Mode\" box and click the first keyframe symbol. Drag the \"Speed\" slider to 70. Drag it up to 100 for a more intense effect. Click on the second keyframe symbol and drag the \"Speed\" slider to the same value you used for keyframe 1. Click OK.

15. AND FINALLY: preview your project and/or render it to a file. If the video will be imported to another video render a .mov file with the settings above for minimum quality loss.

In Step 13 above you can use other distortion filters instead of Zoom Motion, for added fun. For example I use the Whirlpool filter with a touch of Average filter for a real shaky effect. Also use the Punch filter and Lensflare for jaw dropping credits. Above all be creative with your titles :D

WaterFlow and Average filters

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