VideoStudio 9.0: [Tutorial Moving Path Tutorial]


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VideoStudio 9.0: [Tutorial Moving Path Tutorial]

Post by sjj1805 » Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:13 am

SUBJECT: VideoStudio 9.0: [Tutorial Moving Path Tutorial]

Do you want a moving path in Video Studio 9?
Well you can - sort of!!

Place a clip on the Video track. Now add to it the \"Cropping Filter\"
(Found under the 'Video Filter' drop down list)
On the \"Attribute tab\" click customize filter.
In the width and the height boxes type 100.
Now click a little way along on the white part of the timeline in the Cropping dialog box.
Now click the + button located under the left hand side screen on the dialog box. This adds a new \"Key Frame\"
Now enter values at this key frame as follows:-
width = 50
Height = 100
Make sure that \"Fill color\" is ticked and that \"Stationary\" is not ticked.
Now place your cursor over the cross hair in the \"original\" preview box.
Drag the cross hair to the left watching the outlined area as you do so.
Now right click over the small red diamond and 'copy'
Now click the diamond on the right of the dialog box timeline
Right click and paste.
You have created a moving path.
You can now place something else in the black area on the right hand side of the screen by using the overlay track.

Obviously not as good as Media Studio but adds a bit of life to the video.

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