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MF: Authoring a DVD

Post by Administrator » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:38 pm

I received the following Email
Barry wrote:Dear Steve

I sorry to bother you but I don know where else to go. Quick story.

Bought MM5 online last Friday and made a couple of DVDs. They were fine so I made a bunch more. They were not fine because although I saved the project the project hadn saved the menu format or the menu music. That was something of a disappointment.

Visited the website and downloaded the upgrades/patches. What a joke!!!

When I opened enhance video � text, the text overly that was showing in the preview screen disappeared. This happened on five of the six segments. Even if I resaved the project after redoing each individual title, it got lost again as soon as I opened the segment or closed and reopened the project. I redid those titles over and over and the project lost them every time. Very frustrating.

On the plus side, it remembered the menu skin and music.

Oh, another thing. I wanted to change the menu layout so I could have six items on one page, but ustomize� only gave me access to Navigation Buttons, both before and after the update. Tiresome.

Not knowing what else to do for the best, I got all the titles redone, and burned a dvd.

Unbelievable. The sound was horrid and the movie jumped every few seconds. Complete and utter rubbish. Totally unusable.

Ie tried to raise this in forums and with the technical support form but cannot as I cannot access my account even though I using the details they e-mailed me when I bought the product.

So Ie uninstalled everything I can find to do with Ulead and will reinstall the original pre-patch programme and hope for the best.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes
I have chosen to respond here in the open forum as this is a question that may be of interest to other users.

There is hardly any difference between the DVD Authoring Modules of VideoStudio and MovieFactory. Most of the procedures can be found in this tutorial:
Authoring a DVD

Two points worthy of note that affect MovieFactory Users.

1. Before you start doing anything. Open MovieFactory and select "Start a New Project - Project type DVD.
2. Immediately save this empty project with a suitable filename.


Now import your clips and perform your editing as shown in the VideoStudio Tutorial.

TIP: When changing the text below the thumbnails - if the default text spans more than one line (due to a long filename) then delete the text and retype it, you will then be able to get the text on one line.

Regularly Save your project so that you can re-open it and continue from where you left off with all of your changes intact.


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