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Learning Centre Tutorials for 3D Production Studio

Post by sjj1805 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:49 pm

Create a Video Overlay and Import into Your Video Editor
Use the Lathe Editor and the Transparency settings to create a perfectly symmetrical and Create and export a video frame to be used in your Ulead VideoStudio project.

Basic Animation Using COOL 3D?Production Studio
Learn how to use video background and basic Animation tools to create a space fighter on a journey through space.


Mother Nature Sets COOL 3D?Production Studio on Fire with the Particles Plug-in
Learn the basics of the Particles Plug-in to set your 3D objects aflame.

Toast to COOL 3D?Production Studio with Your Own 3D Glassware
Use the Lathe Editor and the Transparency settings to create a perfectly symmetrical and realistic 3D champagne glass

Place Dynamic Video Texture onto Your 3D Objects
Learn how to add realism and action to your 3D objects using video textures.

Using COOL 3D Videos in a DVD Workshop Menu
Learn how to use COOL 3D?Production Studio to make animated buttons, text and background objects.

Ulead COOL 3D?Production Studio Can Fix Those Problem Fonts
Find solutions to work around some of those small problems that plague us.

Importing Animation Projects from COOL 3D?Production Studio into MediaStudio Pro
Learn how to create 3D jump animation in COOL 3D?Production Studio and import it to MediaStudio Pro..

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