Galaxy S3 Your Internet Connection is Unstable

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Galaxy S3 Your Internet Connection is Unstable

Post by sjj1805 » Mon May 11, 2015 8:21 pm

Hi everyone if you are now getting "Your Internet Connection is Unstable" error message since you installed the Android 4.3 OTA upgrade on your phone and your wireless connection is just fine and not the cause of the problem, then please be aware a large number of people are getting this same error.
The error is caused because the system cache partition, did not clear properly during the reboot to the new OS version 4.3.
NOTE! please read all the way through and understand before you begin, as you must pick the correct menu choice when you are in the Android System Recovery Menu, as other choices in this menu are such things as, a full factory restore and you do not want to do that by mistake do you!!
The fix is simple but requires that you system wipe cache partition.
to do this you must enter the Android System Recovery Menu and then chose wipe cache partition from that menu.
These are the instructions for how to do this on my Samsung Galaxy 3 and they should be the same for all Android phones running Android 4.2 and 4.3, but you can always google how to boot into the Android System Recovery Menu for your phones make and model, to see if the method is any different.
First power the phone off, remove and re-insert the battery if necessary.
Press and hold the Volume Up key and Home key, and while still holding them, press and hold the Power key.
When the phone vibrates; release only the Power key but still hold the other two keys.
When the Android System Recovery Menu is displayed on your screen, (first a little green Android with his front cover open, then the actual Android System Recovery Menu itself), release the Volume Up and the Home key.
If phone boot splash screen starts to loop instead of showing the Recovery menu, release all of the keys and the phone should still boot to the menu, if not it will just boot up as normal and you can start again.
Navigate with the Volume keys to the "wipe cache partition" option and when highlighted press the Power key to select it.
Wait for the "cache is cleared message" to appear and once that appears you will then find that the "reboot system now" menu item will now be highlighted, now press the Power key to reboot you phone.
Do not worry, you will not change any settings on your phone or lose data if you only chose the "wipe cache partition" as on reboot Android re-writes the cache, but correctly this time and the annoying "Your Internet Connection is Unstable" error message will have gone.

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