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Saturn through my telescope

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:58 am
by sjj1805
It was a grey scale version of the 100x in the image on this link.
I was using a barlowed 6mm eyepiece and an astromaster 130 telescope.

I could also see a number of objects which I think were moons, The cloud kept intervening but I think there were about 5 at one moment in time, but due to the haze I could only see 3 clearly but at least 2 more would fade in/out.
I had the impression there were more but I was having to swap between 3 different eyepieces to get a fix.
32mm - initial alignment
13mm - align again before moving "in" with....
6mm - with and without a barlow.

I noticed that the telrad was getting steamed up due to the very cold (frosty) temperature.
Without a doubt so far this planet is more interesting than Jupiter - though that might change when I get time to start using the filters I recently purchased.