coppermine error while processing a database query

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coppermine error while processing a database query

Post by sjj1805 » Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:05 pm

Kept getting this error every time I tried to open an Album. Thumbnails displayed OK but clicking the thumbnail to enter the album brought up this error.
If I deleted the full size image from the hard drive the album would open up. The coppermine gallery was an exact carbon copy of a gallery on another computer but the other computer did not have this fault.

Steps taken to try and resolve the issue (All failed)
Replaced the entire coppermine installation with the one from the working computer.
Replaced the PHP.INI file with the one from the working computer
Usual troubleshooting of a computer such as chkdsk, clear out temporary files, webcache etc.
Searched the Coppermine User Forum for possible answers.

What eventually resolved the error was the MySQL settings.
It would seem that the MySQL server must have been timing out when attempting to load the larger images.
Action taken to achieve this:
Go to the MSQL installation directory and then open the "BIN" folder. In here you have a file named
Run this and choose to reconfigure your installation. When you get to the 3 choices:
Developer Machine
Server Machine
Dedicated MySQL Server Machine

Make sure you DO NOT select the Developer machine - select one of the other two.
Job Done

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