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Activation Error

Post by sjj1805 » Sat Sep 01, 2007 6:55 pm

I tried this on more than one of my Home Computers to cross check the results which were the same on both. The First Computer has an AMD Athlon 2400XP+. The Other Computer has an Intel Pentium 1.6Gz Dual Core Processor. Both running Windows XP SP2 fully updated with Service packs and security updates.

It is clear that there is a misleading error message which our members can simply ignore. When I first installed the software and encountered this error I spent quite a while uninstalling/re-installing etc until testing further to establish that the error was in fact the appearance of the error message itself!

After installing WinDVD Creator you are informed that you have a time limited fully functional evaluation version which must be activated to elevate it to a full version. You can activate immediately or defer activation with a reminder in a few days time.

Firstly If you check your non activated copy of WinDVD Creator by clicking [Help] [About WinDVD Creator]

You will see that it is an evaluation version:

To Activate click [Help] on the menu bar and then [WinDVD Creator Activation]

Now complete the License Activation box:

You will see the error message:

However if you again check the [Help] [About WinDVD Creator] box

In fact you will see it has in fact been activated:

You can quickly confirm this by changing the date and time on your computer to a year or two into the future and then opening WinDVD Creator. Don't forget to reset the time/date back after checking :wink:

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