Windows 10 Technical Preview - VBox

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Windows 10 Technical Preview - VBox

Post by sjj1805 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:06 pm ... 15&t=68921

Sorry if this has been mentioned before or if I have posted in the wrong place but I only just found this forum and so signed up.
Last night I discovered that Virtual Box 5.0 was now available and so I upgraded my existing virtual machines.
Everything was fine until tried to upgrade the Guest Additions in my Windows 10 technical preview (On a Windows 8.1 64 bit host).
I was required to reboot the machine to complete the installation whereupon I was met by the blue screen of death. It informed me there was a problem with a driver.

I had to attach the virtual hard drive to another VM to gain access to the drive contents.
I then had to rename C:\Windows\System32\drivers\VBoxGuest.sys to be able to get my Windows 10 VM to work again.
(Taught me to take a snapshot before doing any major changes)

I may be wrong but it seems to be something to do with Windows 10 requires all drivers to be signed otherwise they get rejected by Windows.

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