Create time/date subtitles for VideoStudio


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Create time/date subtitles for VideoStudio

Post by sjj1805 » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:09 pm

seedar wrote:What I was planning to do was to capture in videostudio, edit the movie as I want then save and add subtitles and menus and burn to DVD in movie factory. This however doesn't work because when you render the movie in videostudio to save all your edits it doesn't save teh original dv time and date stamp info for movie factory to pick up.

the only way I have found which I think will work but yet to prove is to use the quick capture in videostudio and add normal titles with date only, do the editing, then save the titles to a subtitle file. The move to movie factory and load teh video and then load teh subtitle file etc.

Do you think thats the best approach ?


PS: I cant find a format I can capture video in in movie factory that has the time date preserved - even DV. Its weird seems only video studio captures it and only movie factory can properly put it into subtitles !
Step 1.
Download a small free piece of software DVDate

Step 2.
Capture your video via firewire (IEE1394 / iLink) using the following settings in MovieFactory

Alternatively capture with VideoStudio

Step 3.
Open DVDate

Step 4.
Drag your captured video onto DVDate.

Step 5.
You MUST complete this step otherwise you will not generate any time code subtitles!!


Step 6.
Generate your subtitle file

You can now close DVDate.

Step 7.
In VideoStudio click the [Title] Tab and then Import Subtitle file


Ignore any warning messages and.......

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