In this test you are to classify library cards by giving them filing codes. There are two kinds of cards, those filed by author and those filed by subject. The way the card is to be filed is shown at the top of each one, where wither author or subject has been typed.

Author cards are given codes alphabetically, according to the last name of the author marked on the card.
Subject cards are given codes according to the subject mentioned on the card.

Author Index Subject Index
  A B C D E   A B C D E
Aaron - Halwood Arts & Crafts
Hambrow - Martin Cookery
Mead - Singh Sports
Sippett - Zuckerman Travel & Maps

1 Shelton Library 5 Shelton Library 9 Shelton Library
Author: Subject Subject
Author: Jones, R Author: Townsend, A Author: Fielding, M
Title: Cooking for Pleasure Title: The Good Travelling Guide Title: Snooker or Pool ?
2 Shelton Library 6 Shelton Library 10 Shelton Library
Subject Author Subject
Author: Hail, L Author: Benn, E Author: Horne, V
Title: The Olympic Sports Handbook Title: The Low Fat Diet Book Title: Vegetarian Gourmet
3 Shelton Library 7 Shelton Library 11 Shelton Library
Subject Author Author
Author: Murray, J Author: Jarvis, T Author: Sullivan, R
Title: The World Atlas Title: The Craft Of Carpentry Title: French Cooking Step By Step
4 Shelton Library 8 Shelton Library 12 Shelton Library
Subject Subject Author
Author: Patel, C Author: Yandel, O Author: Dougherty, S
Title: Portrait Painting Title: World Class Rugby Football Title: The Beginners Guide to Needlework

  A B C D E   A B C D E   A B C D E   A B C D E
01 04 07 10
02 05 08 11
03 06 09 12
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