If you think the answer is TRUE If you think the answer is FALSE you cannot tell and need more information.
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In recent years it has become clear that man's use of fossil fuels is likely to have a major impact on the world's climate. As a result of this, increased concentrations of 'greenhouse' gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane will lead to global warming; an overall small increase in average temperatures; whose impact is difficult to predict. Whilst some scientists predict melting of the polar icecaps, and so a rise in sea levels, others think this will be balanced by increased precipitation at the poles.
1. If we go on using fossil fuels at the present rate, we must expect climatic change.
2. Depletion of the ozone layer will result in global warming.
3. Scientists are all agreed that use of fossil fuels will eventually lead to a rise in sea levels.
4. The burning of fossil fuels increases the concentration of methane in the atmosphere.

This is a test of your skill at finding similarities and differences in groups of patterns.
All the patterns in group A are in some way similar to each other, and all those in group B are similar to each other.


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