DMF4: Changing the Thumbnail of a DVD Menu


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DMF4: Changing the Thumbnail of a DVD Menu

Post by Administrator » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:42 pm

How to create a DVD thumbnail in Movie Factory 4 that will play from a point other than the start of the selected chapter.

The following extracts have been taken from this post:
sjj1805 wrote:I've just taken a brief look through Movie Factory 4 and also VS9 but cannot see an option to play a thumbnail from anywhere other than the start.
Steve J
Ken Berry wrote:It's not too different from what you do in VS9. I open MF4, use Add Media to put in the files I want to burn, making sure 'Create Menu' is ticked. Then click Next. On the next page, I can choose my menu template from the selection along the bottom, and my separate videos appear as icons on the preview screen. I simply double click on a screen icon, and another little preview screen pops up with a slider below it. This is labelled, logically enough 'Start Position' :lol: . You drag this slider to the point in the video where you want the animation to start in the final menu, then click OK and the icon face in the preview screen then changes to that scene. You can do much the same thing in VS9, the big difference being that in VS9, the pop-up screen is really no more than a preview screen, and always reverts to the first frame in the final menu.

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