Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 Image Resize


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Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 Image Resize

Post by Administrator » Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:33 am

This is an extract from the following post:
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wiggley_thing wrote:Yeah ok am I missing the obvious? On the old version of this programme you could easily resize images by pixel or dimmensions, how do do I do it now then? Spent ages trying to work this out and reading through the help files but nothing seems to relate unless working on a web page... which I'm not.

Thanks peeps
sjj1805 wrote:I have the Photo Explorer 8.6 so this is probably the same.
The following is a copy paste from the help file in PEX 8.6
You can use Ulead Photo Explorer to convert image files to a different file type and data format, without having to open and resave the files in the program used when created. To do this:

1. Select the files that you want to convert, and then select Tools: Convert Image Files.
2. Select the desired File format and Data type to which images will be converted to.
3. For large images that need to be down-sized, select Resample image size and specify a percentage to resize the images.
Otherwise, select a screen or printer resolution from the Set resolution drop-down list. This prevents degradation of image quality.

4. To crop images to standard sizes, select a preset size from the Auto crop to standard size drop-down list. If the desired size is not listed, select Custom aspect ratio and click Custom to set your own cropping size.
Click one of the Crop alignment buttons to choose the part of the image to retain.
5. Choose whether to overwrite original images or save converted images as new files in a specified folder.
6. Click OK.
Hope this helps.

Steve J
Bobm03 wrote:Sometimes, an image is worth a couple of words.... :wink:

From PE 8.5: the Tools>Convert Image Files sub-menu shows (using blue arrows) the size selected and, also, very important, the prefix you might want to add.

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