Optimizing Pictures for Digital Photo Frames.


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Optimizing Pictures for Digital Photo Frames.

Post by sjj1805 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:07 pm

Digital Photo Fames are now a popular way to display a collection of photographs. Just take the SD card out of your digital camera, drop it into a Digital Photo Frame, turn the machine on and you have an instant slide show.
Most of these items also include options such as how long a slide will remain on display and what sort of transition occurs during the change from one picture to another.

So how do we optimize pictures so that the picture is not stretched or squashed and fills the photo frame correctly. What resolution should we use? too high a resolution will simply make the JPG images larger than necessary and waste space on the SD card. Too low a resolution will result in degraded picture quality.

Older pictures that have been scanned will probably be the most problematic due to the dimensions of the scanned item. If the picture is too tall or too wide then in addition to resizing the picture we will need to crop the picture accordingly.

If a picture is too small then perhaps we can enclose the picture within a frame so that the frame will pad out the missing space.


I tried various screen sizes and resolutions with a 7\" Digital Photo Frame and from the above found those in the green area provided the best results for one of my photo frames. These sizes however can only be used as a starting point. I have another 7\" photo frame but by a different manufacturer and when I placed the same SD card in the other frame there was a slight letter boxing of the images.

Hopefully this may be of use to other forum members who are preparing images for display on one of these frames.

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