VS & Gif An: Create a simple scrolling mesage.

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VS & Gif An: Create a simple scrolling mesage.

Post by sjj1805 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 1:22 pm

How to Create a Simple Scrolling Message like this:
      • Image
  • Skill level: Easy
    Time involved: 10 minutes
    Tools required: Gif Animator 5, Any Version of VideoStudio, Windows Notepad.
Step 1. Prepare your message.
Simply open Windows Notepad and type the message you want to appear.
It is easier to do it this way and then copy/paste later.

Step 2. Open VideoStudio in Editor Mode.
Any version of VideoStudio will work
Image or Image

Step 3. Set your project properties as shown here.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

What we have set here is:
1. We are using uncompressed AVI - our clip is very short and so will not take up much disc space.
2. The smallest permissible dimensions are 30 pixels x 30 pixels
    • Image
Don't worry if this still appears too large because we can reduce things further when we later create our scrolling message in Gif Animator.
3. Frame Based setting - The scroller will be used on web pages - if you use a field based setting you will see writing like this:
instead of this result when using a frame based setting
4. We have set our frame rate to 15 f.p.s. so that we do not create to many frames otherwise playback of our animated GIF will be very slow and the file size will be very large. Setting too low a frame rate will create jerkiness.
5. We have set our background to white so that the black writing will stand out better.

Now switch to Time line view
select the [Title] tab

Copy your text you prepared in Windows Notepad, click the preview screen where you want to place the text and paste.

You can place it more accurately with the Alignment tool

The duration of the scroller is very much trial and error, you may have to toy around with this setting a few times until you get something to your liking. Too short and the playback will be jerky, too long and you will end up with a message that scrolls very slowly and also your GIF will be quite large. The example I created above had a duration of 10 Seconds.

You also need to use a sharp font - one without serifs (tails) such as Arial.
make sure the height of your font size fits within the height of the video.

Now animate the title
Select the \"Fly\" animation and then click the T T button.

Set the animation to
Start unit = LINE
End unit = LINE
Enter from right
Exit to the Left.

Now render your video using \"Same as Project Settings\"

Save your project so that you can always return to it later and alter it if necessary. Then open Gif Animator.

Select [Open an existing Video File] and point it at the video you created above.

This will create several frames which appear as thumbnails across the bottom of the Gif Animator screen.

Some of the frames at the start and also at the end will be blank because the message has not entered yet or has already left the screen. These can be can be discarded by selecting them and pressing the [DEL] key.

Now select all of the frames by clicking the first frame, holding down the shift key and then clicking the last frame.

Now select [Frame] - [Frame Properties]
Then alter the Delay to 1

You can now further reduce the size of the scrolling message by selecting
Edit | Resize image.

make sure that you select Quality = \"Best\"

Now create your animated Gif by selecting
File | Save As | Gif

That's it, we're done.
:D :D :D

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