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Learning Centre Tutorials For Photo Impact

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Learning Centre Tutorials For Photo Impact 11
(See further down for Photo Impact 10)

Unleash your creativity with SmartRemove
SmartRemove lets you create extra-ordinary shots by selectively \"painting in\" just the elements you want from multiple shots.

Using SmartRemove to edit your photos
Remove unwanted elements from several shots of your same-scene photos to compose an image with just the elements you like.

Enhancing RAW image data from digital cameras
PhotoImpact allows you to open and directly enhance your RAW image files. You can set the color temperature, adjust the tint and exposure compensation, reduce noise and much more.

Personalize your Workspace
Customize your workspace according to your personal needs and style.

Using SmartCurves to adjust the dynamic range of an image
Resolve exposure problems on your photos by producing an optimized HDR image.

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Learning Centre Tutorials For Photo Impact 10

Turning your Photo into an Impressionist Painting
Find out how you can use PhotoImpact to transform your digital photo into a classic masterpiece of painting, and then put a frame around it.

Creating a Montage
The Smart lasso tool makes fast and accurate selections by automatically snapping to the edges of the object you are selecting as you guide your mouse around it. This tutorial shows an example of how to create a montage by first blending different images to create a background and then using the Smart lasso to select and cut out more objects for the montage.

Extracting a Subject from a Photo
PhotoImpact's Extract Object feature is a powerful tool that gives you a convenient way to make a highly complex selection and turn it into an object. This tutorial shows you how to take full advantage of its potential.

Creating a Camera Curve Profile
Learn how to create a camera curve profile for your digital camera. Camera curve profiles are used for generating an optimized image using PhotoImpacts's High Dynamic Range.

Fixing Exposure and Removing Artifacts with High Dynamic Range
Learn how to use the enhanced HDR feature which now not only lets you create an image with a high dynamic range but it also allows you to remove or retain certain areas in your composition.

Producing Realistic Images with High Dynamic Range
Limited dynamic range is a common challenge among photographers when taking pictures of a scene containing dramatic differences between highlights and shadows. This often results to an image with areas that are either very dark or washed out. To resolve this problem, use High Dynamic Range to produce an image that resembles a more realistic output, similar to what your eyes can see.

Retouching Portraits
In this tutorial, we show you some quick and easy tricks in PhotoImpact that let you correct common problems or imperfections in portrait photos, such as red-eye, skin blemishes, body shape, and more.

Creating a Logo with Text and Polygon Shape
By combining text and path objects, you can come up with some great looking logos or other graphic designs. In this tutorial, we show you how to do this, as well as how to work with PhotoImpact's new polygon shapes.

Creating and Saving a Multi-step Task
Performing the same series of steps over and over again on multiple different images can be tedious and time-consuming. You can save hours of editing time by recording steps as a task in the Quick Command Panel. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a task in the Quick Command Panel, save the task to the EasyPalette, and then apply it to multiple images. As an example, we will record a task that can enhance the lighting of images as well as add a frame, copyright text, and a logo to the images.

Using Duplicate Layers to Edit Photos
Working with duplicate layers of a photo is an ideal method for editing and improving photos without affecting the original image directly. Learn how to use this to full advantage with the help of the Layer Manager.

Building Interactive Web Pages

Part 1 - Creating and Linking Web Pages
Learn how to use PhotoImpact to create HTML Web pages complete with text, images, rollover buttons, and hyperlinks.

Part 2 - Adding Script Effects
Use PhotoImpact's Script Effects to create instant pop-up menus, vertically scrolling images, swapping images, rollover text, and a slideshow for your Web page.

Creating your own Animated Emoticons
Want to impress your friends on Instant Chat? Create your own custom emoticons using PhotoImpact and GIF Animator.

Thumping Heart Emoticon

Yapping Dog Emoticon

Correcting Digital Photos with ExpressFix
Use PhotoImpact's ExpressFix feature to correct your photos by applying its quick-fix presets or by making finer, custom adjustments.

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