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Learning Centre Tutorials For GIF Animator

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Editing Objects in Other Image Editing Programs
Easily switch between your favorite image editor - such as Ulead PhotoImpact - and GIF Animator when enhancing your objects.

Seamless Animation Using Tweening
Use Tweening to automatically animate objects and create a smooth flowing animation.

Using Objects to Compose an Animation
Easily edit your work by making everything in your animation project into individual objects. Learn how to create objects with GIF Animator's Tool Panel and import objects from other applications.

Creating a Banner Advertisement

Using Add Banner Text
Attract more visitors to your Web site with high impact banner ads plus animated text.

Using Text Tool and Split Text
Make a cool banner ad for your Web page in minutes by using simple text objects.

Creating your own Animated Emoticons

Thumping Heart Emoticon
Want to impress your friends on Instant Chat? Create your own custom emoticons using PhotoImpact and GIF Animator.

Yapping Dog Emoticon
Here another tutorial showing you how to create your own animated emoticons using PhotoImpact and GIF Animator.

Using the Color Palette
Use a unique local palette for every single frame of your animation gives you better quality but increases the file size.

Packaging an Animation File
Learn how to package your animation into an executable (*.EXE) file that you can send as an e-mail attachment.

Learning Centre Tutorials For GIF-X Plugin

GIF-X Tips Part I: The Animated Lens Flare
Some of his best tip writing to date. Celeste tells us how to efficiently optimize the use of the animated lens flare.

GIF-X Tips Part II: Animated Fireworks
This tip is bursting with informative ways to create and implement fireworks into our images. A must read for all ages.

GIF-X Tips Part III: Animated Lightning
This one is Tony Celeste's most electrifying tip yet. It's not dangerous at all, but very informative and quite simple.

Logo Flag
Create motion across a flat surface. This feature is perfect for turning your company's logo into a waving banner.

Rubber Balls
Make your images \"bounce\" up and down like a rubber ball.

Add fireworks to your images. You have full control over how the fireworks explode.

It's not dangerous. You can liven up city skylines or other backgrounds.

This feature allows you to bring attention to your images with scanner and roving light effects.

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