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Learning Centre Tutorials For Media Studio Pro

Post by sjj1805 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 4:54 pm

(Addition Tutorials for For Media Studio Pro 7 further down.)
-- For Media Studio Pro 8 --

Creating your own Smart Compositor?template using the Smart Compositor?Designer tool
Learn how to create your own Smart Compositor template by following 3 basic steps. This Tutorial includes a sample DVP file for you to download and convert into a Smart Composition
(Please also see my tutorial about making the file size smaller. I got this same Smart Composition down from 34MB to 19KB)
http://phpbb.ulead.com.tw/EN/viewtopic. ... 5826#55826

Capturing video
Use Capture Video in the Setup menu to capture a single video sequence at a time from any type of video source, be it a digital camcorder or analog source.

Using Smart Compositor
Insert ready-made customizable theme templates - effects, titles and even transitions - into your video projects along with your own video and audio clips..

Capturing, editing, and sharing High Definition video (HDV)
Learn how to natively capture, edit, and share HDV content from your Sony and JVC high-definition camcorders and VTRs.

Creating proxy files
Enable video proxy option to create proxy files for faster editing and rendering of your project.

-- For Media Studio Pro 7 --

Recording back to a DV device from the Timeline
Capture your video from your camcorder to the Timeline, do some snappy editing, and record it back to the camcorder in a jiffy. Save lots of time and effort by recording your video straight from the Timeline back to a DV device. With this tutorial, you can get the hang of it in no time!

Pixel aspect ratio management
What is the aspect ratio of digital video? How do you convert between different frame sizes? Take the guess work out of managing frame aspect ratio and display your video more accurately!

Auto Slideshow
A perfectly choreographed slideshow complete with digital effects and sound -- all in a matter of minutes! That's how easy it gets with MediaStudio Pro. Check out this tutorial and come up with a real cool multimedia presentation to burn on a CD/DVD or e-mail to family and friends!

Setting up MediaStudio Pro 7 display and performance
Learn how to configure MediaStudio Pro 7 display and performance settings in order to send full-screen video to an external monitor in real-time.

Using the ATI Radeon display board with MediaStudio Pro 7
Learn how to configure the ATI drivers order to send full-screen video to an external monitor.

Using the Matrox Parhelia display board with MediaStudio Pro 7
Learn how to configure the Parhelia drivers in order to send full-screen video to an external monitor.

Creating a DV tape content list for capturing
Find out the best way to scan your DV tape and pick out the scenes you want to capture.

Using the DVD-VR Capture Plug-in and DVD-VR Wizard
Learn how to capture and export videos in the DVD-VR format using the DVD-VR Capture Plug-in and DVD-VR Wizard in MediaStudio Pro 7.

Creating a rolling text effect
Learn how to create rolling text credits, just like the ones you see at the end of movies, using MediaStudio Pro's Video Editor.

Setting Playback Options for optimal real-time preview
Learn how to set the Playback Options in Video Editor for optimal real-time preview.

The Ulead HD Plug-in 2.0 Workflow
Learn how MSP seamlessly captures, edits and outputs HDV from Sony or JVC devices.

Using the 24P Plug-in

Learn how to capture, edit and output video originated with the Panasonic DVX-100 in 24P.

Using the WMV-HD Plug-in
Learn how to create high-definition slideshows and video in this popular new format.

Create Lightsaber Glows in Ulead Media Studio Pro Tutorial
By Nick Jushchyshyn

This tutorial explains how to create a glowing lightsaber effect in Media Studio Pro.
http://www.hiddenphantom.com/Tutorials/ ... SPGlow.htm

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