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Learning Centre Tutorials For Ulead Cool 3D

Post by sjj1805 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:50 pm

Creating a Custom Can
Use the Path Editor in version 3.5 to create a cool can.

Creating Raster-based FLASH Animation with Ulead COOL 3D
Take your COOL 3D animation to the next level with the Flash Output Pack.

Basic Tutorial
Learn the basic tools of Ulead COOL 3D and have fun along the way.

Spinning Logos
Use the Path Editor in version 3.0 to create and animate 3D spinning logos.

Video Titles
Use Ulead COOL 3D to create cool, high-quality animated titles for your videos.

Working in the X, Y and Z Space
Gain a basic understanding of Ulead COOL 3D's three-dimensional space and the tools used to define location.

Key Frames and How They Work
Create much more detailed animations and video than otherwise would be possible without using key frames.

Beyond the Presets
Anthony Celeste shows how to create our own presets for Cool 3D and looks at fine tuning Cool 3D images.

Plug-ins - Fire
Learn how to literally (visually speaking of course) set your text on fire and create fiery halos around your text.

Plugins - Explosions
Learn how to make your text explode, sending shrapnel flying in all 3 dimensions.

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