The verbal questions which follow are multiple choice. For each question, you are given several possible answers. When you have selected your answer, click in the appropriate circle.

In this test you are given two passages, each of which is followed by several statements. Your task is to evaluate the statements in the light of the information or opinions contained in the passage and to select your answer according to these rules.

If you think the statement is patently true or follows logically given the information or opinions contained in the passage If the statement is patently untrue or the opposite follows logically, given the information or opinions contained in the passage If you cannot say whether the statement is true or untrue or follows logically without further information
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01. The main difference between nuclear and fossil-fuelled power stations is an economic one.
02. The price of coal is not relevant to discussions about the efficiency of nuclear reactors.
03. If nuclear reactors were cheaper to build and decommission than fossil fuelled power stations, they would definitely have the economic advantage.

04. Physical stimuli usually win in the competition for our attention.
05. The capacity of the human brain is sufficient to interpret nearly all the stimuli the senses can register under optimum conditions.
06. Eyes are able to cope with greater input of information than ears.

07. It is possible that permanent staff who are on holiday can have their work carried out by students.
08.. Students in summer employment are given the same paid holiday benefit as permanent staff.
09. Students are subject to the organisation's standard disciplinary and grievance procedures.
10. Some companies have more work to do in summer when students are available for vacation work.

11. "No smoking" policies have mainly been introduced in response to customer demand.
12. All banks and building societies now have a "no smoking" policy.
13. There is no conflict of interest between a "no smoking" policy and personal freedom of choice for all.
14. A no-smoking policy is in line with most customers' expectations in banks and building societies.

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