The numerical questions which follow are multiple choice. For each question, you are given several possible answers. When you have selected your answer, click in the appropriate circle.

1. Which newspaper was read by a higher percentage of females than males in 1990?

The Tribune

The Herald

Daily News

Daily Echo

The Daily Chronicle

2. What was the combined readership of the Daily Chronicle, Echo and Tribune in 1981?
10.6 8.4 9.5 12.2 7.8
3. Which newspaper showed the largest change in female readership between 1981 and 1990?
Daily Echo The Tribune The Herald

The Daily Chronicle

Cannot say

4. In 1989, how much more than Italy di Germany spend on computer imports?
650 million 700 million 750 million 800 million 850 million
5. If the amount spent on computer imports into the U.K. in 1991 was 20% lower than in 1990, what was spent in 1991?
1080 1120 1160 1220 1300
6. Which countries experienced a drop in the value of computers imported from one year to the next?
France & Italy France & Holland Holland & Italy U.K. & Holland Italy & U.K.

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